Final Day

This week wraps up the summer program with the students.

I have enjoyed teaching my students what I could during the time period and exposing them to different topics. I have quickly learned upon meeting my students that the the topics would be very difficult for them and it would most likely be the first time that they are hearing about these topics. Despite that I believe that I have successfully taught them and left them with the messages that I wanted to communicate, such as commentary on different leadership styles, communication skills, mental health resources, etc.

I have also appreciated being able to interact with high school students and the staff at AAU as well. I look forward to helping the students as they approach the college application season and as they apply for scholarships. I have also become good friends with my fellow interns and looking back, I am proud of how far I have come considering I used to be very anxious about meeting new people and interacting with new people.

The next week will be mostly cleanup and discussing what went on during this school year but I look forward to the last moments with the high school students and staff.


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