A Teacher’s Role

Through my time at AAU I have learned the importance of teachers.

I knew that teaching was a difficult job. I’ve taught at a similar summer program a couple years ago while I was in high school and also am Chair of ASPIRE on campus, which is a group that facilitates discussions with high school students. However, now that I am consistently teaching as a teacher with my own curriculum, I have found the job to be very difficult in ways that I could not imagine.

Personally, I consider myself an emotional person. I form connections with people and move forward. However, as a teacher I think it is important to not get too attached and to know where your responsibilities lie. There are things that you can change in a student but certain things like home life and what they do outside of the school is out of your reach.

As a teacher I am trying my best to make the classroom a safe and fun space while teaching them things that I feel are important for them to be leaders in the future. They are 6th and 7th graders but that is never too early to be exposed to things like racism, stereotypes, mental health, and more.

What sparked my interest in activism and community work is my interest in helping people like my parents and like my self. I think of it as giving back to the community in ways that I would’ve found helpful: it would’ve been great to have more language resources, more support, etc.

It’s tiring day after day to be someone that’s always looked at and looked up to, but I have learned that my actions are a part of the growth and development of the students. I hope to one day be someone that they think about when they’re in high school or college and have my lessons stay with them until they’re adults.


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