Growing a Garden

Gardening is something that many view difficult and challenging. However, those who have experienced gardening know the joys associated with seeing a seed you planted grow into an adult plant.

Working at AAU is like a garden. I’m planning out what seeds to plant and where to plant them. When to plant what seeds and what impact those plants will have when they’re fully grown. This means that I have to trust that the seeds I plant will grow, and I trust that they will grow into something beautiful.

The past few weeks I had a great time getting to know and hearing from various individuals that have been involved with AAU’s history. How AAU developed from seeing a need in the community that needed to be fulfilled and how AAU continues to impact the lives of many youth through their summer programs. This gave me a spark of energy and motivation that I could be the inspiration for others as well by planting these seeds of change.

Next week will be the start of the programming for high school students where we will train and engage with the high school youth and preparing them for the summer program. I’m excited to get to know the students and to grow alongside them through the program.

In terms of my curriculum, I am excited to see it in action. I enjoyed being in the shoes of a teacher and planning out all the nitty gritty of my lesson plans. The materials involved, back up plans in case it rains, figuring out the timing of each activity. I’m excited for the start of the program and am sure that it will be an exciting time.


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