New Beginnings

When I first learned that I was accepted to the internship program I was very excited. This would be the first time in three years that I wouldn’t be working in a biology lab.

Ever since I strayed away from the pre-med track I felt lost. With pre-med it was like my whole life was planned out for me: take the MCATs, apply for medical school, be in medical school, residency, fellowship, etc. Now that I’m no longer pre-med, I feel lost. I have no defined path that I have to take. But I also admit that this makes it more relaxing for me. A variation in my route doesn’t mean that I’m making a wrong move but rather that I’m enjoying a route that I want to take, not a route that I have to take.

My first few days working with Asian Americans United (AAU) has been interesting. Whereas working in a lab was very independent and seldom had any human interaction, here I was working alongside two other interns, crafting my own curriculum for the Community Action Project (CAP). My main responsibilities as an intern with AAU is to be in charge of teaching CAP to a group of students in AAU’s summer program. The program begins in July so we have the next few weeks to prepare the curricula. The interns will also be working alongside high school youth leaders who will assist with the teaching in other periods.

So far during my time with AAU, I enjoyed being able to eat lunch alongside others, meet new people in other AAU programs, and also draft a curriculum that I want to teach. I am very thankful for the flexibility with the guidelines so that I can create a curriculum that contains my own flair. I hope to be able to include activities about identity development and mental health in my curriculum.

Although it is still in the early stages of the internship, I am very excited for what is to come in the next few weeks as we finalize our curricula, and put the curricula into action. I’m excited to meet my students in a few weeks and also the youth that I will be working with.


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